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Container Inbound

Good news everyone.¬† The container from our delayed order has finally arrived at port and should be with us by Wednesday 16th May. We hope to have all the new stock added to the site by the weekend. We have restocks of: Lucky Charns Sriracha Aunt Jemima Kellogg’s Cereal Kraft Mac and Cheese Maruchan Noodles Skippy Peanut Butter As well as over 30 new products which we’re delighted to announce, some of the new brands we have incoming are: A1 Sauces Arm & Hammer Betty Crocker Clamato Combos Dunkin Donuts Frank’s Jack Daniel’s Quaker Welch’s If you have [...]


Incoming Mexican Groceries!

We’ve been lucky enough to bring in some excellent Mexican Sauces, Seasonings & Marinades. They we expect them to be in stock from 26th April. Some of the brands we have arriving are as follows: Cholula El Yucaceto Gran Luchito Tajin Harina Jose Cuervo We have a very limited supply so please don’t miss out!


Containers Delayed

We’ve had some stock that was damaged in transit to us causing slight delays in incoming stock. We’re hoping the stock should arrive with us before the end of the month. Please don’t forget to add your email to the product alert so you get a notification as soon as the stock arrives in. The container includes lots of restocks as well as over 30 new products… Including… Mcormick Old Bay Seasoning Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Folgers Coffee Karo Syrup Pam Oil Spray Maruchan Instant Noodles. A-1 [...]